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The process of choosing progressive online jackpots

Adopting the technique from the poker rooms online casinos started offering progressive slot payouts to new players and to retain the existing players to chase after big money. Casinos make a lot of money on the promotion as it happens rarely but gambling for many people is like chasing a dream and for many people, it is a seven-figure payout worth chasing. The idea behind the progressive Jackpot is simple as a large number of slot machines are linked together and whenever someone makes a bet on any of the machines a small amount of the bet is placed into the separate pot. The people pay their gdwbet machines until someone wins big money.

Top progressive Jackpot online: Megamoolah is also known as The Millionaire Maker because of the huge Jackpot it pays out. The slot machine’s progressive pot will never get lower than the one million euros and the highest payout ever was 6.3 million. The highest payout keeps on changing. There are also other jackpot payouts available for 10,000 euros.

Gladiator:  The most famous of all online casinos. Gladiator is a Playtech game based on the hit movie of the same name at times.  The players will be able to see scenes from the movie and bonus games are based on framed settings like the Coliseum. As per history, the highest Gladiator Jackpot is 2.5 million euros and recently it has climbed down to one million.

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Roulette Royale: Roulette Royale is a gdwbet table game rather than a slot and the progressive Jackpot is not noteworthy.  Different type of strategy should be applied in the Roulette game for winning the Jackpot. The player has to play one credit each time and the player will win the whole pot if he plays the same number, five times in a row and wins all five. The Jackpot starts at 60,000 euros.

Beach life: The most popular slot can be played by the players in beach theme which will enable the players to get in the mood to spend time in islands or the players can buy their own island by hitting the progressive Jackpot by catching the wild symbols on the same spin with the fifth landing on the twentieth payline.  The big prize is €1 million and it has reached €6 million recently.

Funky fruit:  Funky fruit is a Playtech slot similar to Farmville, that the player could make more than a million playing around Facebook. The Jackpot average nearly €2 million per win and it pays out frequently once every eleven weeks compared to other progressive slots.

These five games will offer a lot of fun and excitement and entertainment and at the same time enables the players to win millions.

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