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A slot having five reels and ten lines as seen in UK Casinos with colorful graphics and active theme can be known as Rainbow Riches slot. There may be many other matching slots but, in the current scenario, if the clues are same as given above then the first guess would be Rainbow Riches slot. In each line it is possible to bet between one to five coins however the paid combinations of coins are framed with three, four and five coins. The coins are placed in line on the wheel from left to right sequence. The winning combination of coins can be guessed over the practice. Over the period of time, the coin combination should be increased for more real money. The first strategy to win this strategic game is to learn the moves and the next strategy is to make more winning combinations in the first line. If the player is confident about the combination then only he should proceed for the call otherwise he should wait till something good happens in terms of coin combinations.

The maximum play rounds are limited to thousand credits. Beyond that credit it is neither advised to continue nor known as an ethical game. There is a powerful corporate logo for the game.  As usual this logo is referred at many places in the game. There is a wild symbol in the game but, it is considered to be constant until it gets substitution. It indicates that the wild symbol is useless without suitable substitution. Player can reach the bonus stage on alternative reels that is on first, third and last reels. When the screen is characterized by three such lucks then a pick me round will appear for the player. In this round of game the player needs to use only one combination and all other combinations will be hidden. Successful scoring in this round will open the doors for next round of this slot.

Core Features

This game is featured with more risks than jackpots and bonus points. Hence, the first genuine rule for playing this slot is to own the experience of playing in real casino at least for once. Player with one experience in actual casino can proceed to face several risks and richness of this slot. The design of this slot simulates the effect of real room. The screen of this slot is inspired by the real casino room still the game is colorful and user friendly.

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