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Today also lots of crazy people like to buy the scratch cards to earn money in short time because scratch cards consists of excellent prizes for the winners. Due to cheap price many people are like to buy the lottery ticket where their price values begin at Euro 2 and many lottery tickets are sold from Euro 4 to 10. The maximum prize amount offered by lottery ticket is Euro 500,000 on the “Mega Assay” The casino is most popular among the Finland people. Many people like to purchase lottery ticket from small book stalls as well as in the online. Most of the people prefer to purchase lottery ticket in online because some book stalls do not have lottery tickets.

Details about online scratch cards

Today wide growth in telecommunication sectors, you can find millions of scratch cards in internet and you can select the ticket what you need. In Finland, is the legal lottery ticket supplied to the people. In online there many websites have free online scratch card game, where people like to play without any invest and they can also win up to the 100 Euro of cash amount. The online scratch card play is most popular among many people where people can won many prices and cash amount each and every day. When you scratch off the nine square cards present in your card, if you find any 3 symbols similar you win the game and you can win the prizes also. In casino is also easy way to win lots of money and prizes as you need. Learn more from


Memories of Finland scratch

Before internet wide usage people like to buy paper lottery ticket and the supply of paper lottery ticket each day is high. Even today many lottery addicted people are like to buy the lottery and there are many variety theme lottery tickets are found in book stalls which are demand among many people. In 2001, popular Finnish lottery tickets are cash-ARPA, Mother’s day lottery ticket etc. The Cash-ARPA lottery tickets are used in 1976-1985 which is sold initially at the price of FIM 20 later days price value became raises in-between 25 to 30 Euros. The mother’s Day lottery ticket is more popular in the year 1987 which is sold in the month April-May, in the honor of Mothers day. From 1999-2001 lottery tickets are came out with lots of theme where many people like to buy and seller earns more profit by selling year of fortune scratch.


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