Different Types of football bets

When it comes to sports betting, there is no single way of placing a bet. There are so many types of betting modes that it is hard to give a single explanation.

If we were to sum it, there are around 8 types of Football Bets that are common and popular. Let’s take a look at some of these to understand what goes on under each bet. It is worth mentioning here that football betting is very popular online and having fun88 vip account can give bettors an advantage over their wagers.

Point Spreads – Point spreads are the most popular kind of bets in football. Two sides bet on + and – number over a specific number of points. Those betting on the team favored winning are called favorites. The favorites bet over and underdogs bet under those points. If a bettor bets the favorite, the favorite has to win by more than the number of points; the underdog, on the other hand, must either win or lose by less than the number of points it betted under.

Over/Unders – Wagers can also be placed Over/Under a certain number of points. In this method, the sportsbooks set forth a points total. Bettors then bet on whether the total score of both teams will exceed the points total or remain under it.

Money Lines – Money lines are the simplest and commonest forms of betting. The team a bettor has bet on just needs to win in order for the bettor to win. So it is basically rooting for one team over another.

Parlays – A parlay is basically a group wager as in more than one team is chosen to win. In order to win the bet, all the selected teams need to win and then the wager pays out. These bets are popular with high-risk bettors who like to stake huge amounts on their bets. The end result is a massive win or a massive loss.

Propositions or “Props” – In proposition bets, bettors bet on the different team and player statistics or certain game events. This may be in the form of who scores first, which player scores first and many more. This type of bet may also use over/under betting in these statistics instead

Football Betting Systems – Football betting systems refer to bets placed when certain criteria or statistics of a game are met. Once these are me, then bets are placed on the game.

Several other types of bets are also prevalent but these are not so common. Since online betting has taken root, a lot of betting takes place online. Bettors set up vip accounts like fun88 vip account to enjoy additional advantages to their bets.

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