It is easy to select the games you want to play. It is very easy to access the online can also play these game comfortably at home , no need to go to a casino to enjoy , no need to travel too far, As long as one has a computer as well as internet connection one can go on playing without any trouble of moving from one place to another. One can go on playing one game for a long time until you get bored of it, then you can move to some other game and try out your luck over there and also make a test, which game suits you the best. And of course, they are available with just a click of your computer mouse. You can surely go with the poker online terbaik to get the best results.

Online CasinoLOWER RAKE:

Rakes available on the internet casinos are much lower than the rakes available in the casinos where the players play live. Usually, the rakes available in these live casinos are ranges to be almost 10% with a pot, which can be as high as $5 for every hand. Whereas the online poker games allow a range of 5% and a maximum of $3 for every hand, rooms with fewer rakes are also available. One may also find some micro stake rooms which offer a betting limit which is as small as $0.10 per bet. And definitely, you also may find a game with no rake at all, if you are lucky enough.

Basically, professional players usually never pay any attention to the rakes, which surely has its own impact on the game .the pokers which are available online do not spend as much as the live pokers areas. The online casinos don’t pay for the dealers, the purchase table, chairs neither they need to take any space for rent. Thus, the online games are much cheaper as compared to the live casino games. The main aim is to play a game which will provide you with the best advantages. Online poker provides you with the best advantages. Becoming expert in one game is definitely a great achievement, but there is no wrong in trying out the rest of the games .this can also allow you win a lot of jackpots, which can get you a lot of profit. This is another valid reason for playing online poker instead of playing live one. One must choose to play the online games instead of the live games, even if the live casino is just a few steps away from your house, cause the internet casino has an amazingly large set of poker game. If the game selection is limited, the money-making opportunities are also limited. There are certain strategies that can be followed with the games which can actually prove to be somewhat very fruitful.

CALLING VS. FOLDING:                      

Now if the live players tend to be losers, then the online players can be considered to be the winners as they with their pre flop and post flops makes things go differently. Usually the online players are more appropriate to make large post flops , with the week hands that tend to happen live, which also mean that the big bluffs get through more live games as compared to the online games, a simple explanation to this is that it is easy to sit at home with laptops and internet connection and just make clicks in the call button, than making a call at the live casinos. Also, losing a bet online won’t publically shame you which usually happens in the live games, no embarrassment while playing online.


This can be considered as one of the biggest disadvantages of online casino that they provide the players with the facility to run more callers online, due to this many players have reported, that they have experienced bad beats on the online casino games.

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