If we talk about Judi Dota, it simply says that the gambling for ancient civilians. Actually, Judi means gambling whereas“Dota” is a defense of the ancients & is associates.

In this game, there are two teams which play against each other, in order to break the ancient. There are a lot of hurdles that need to be cleared in order to reach the ancients. Actually, “Dota” is a free MOBA which depictsa multiplayer online battle arena.

 In this article, we are going to discuss the gambling based on Dota videogame developed by valve cooperation and side by side we will know about domino qq net as well.

Origin of Dota game

Dotais a prevalent online videogame website where a team of two having five players in each team play against each other and more people apart from the game also enjoy and bait on both the playing teams.

The main logic behind this is that the game is programmed in such a way that no one can easily break the way to go to the ancient. There is amini-map which shows the pre and posts records of the game. Moreover, it also functions in showing the path to the defender.

Dota is programmed to conduct in Linux as well a Microsoft Windows. Player has to create a team because this is basically a multiplayer game that can’t be handled by a single player. The map size is literally too big in respect of a single player game.

judi dota2

Working Aspects of Dota

After registration and having an account on the website, first of all, you will have to create a team. After that, you will have to select the carry and support. Carry is known as the hero who is weak previously but during the game, it will gain the experience point and become stronger. Carry is one who is responsible for leading the game and is responsible to defeat the ancients.

Like all other MOBA games, every player needs to support eachother because without support one man can’t win this battle.There is an option to enhance the power of carrying by collecting gold and on the basis of gold, one can buy the power according to his choice.

Dota have all the legal certification which makes Dota an extraordinary video gaming site for the lover of gaming. The customer support Executive is all so helpful they provide support 24* could have chat on email or else you can contact them through video chat.


Dota is a video game which is widespread all over the world because they have the latest technology and a great presence of website to attract the player. Apart from this, it organizes many tournaments online which is quite popular among gamers.

On the other side of the coin, this game is really exciting gambling encounter. The baits thousands of dollars for each battle and fights. The activity of baiting for teams in Dota is gaining popularity in many parts of the world but the interest curve have a deep rise in the parts of the South Asian continent where it locally more popular as Judi Dota 2.

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