All You Want to Know About Rainbowriches

The craze of online casino games is taking the crowd by surprise with their innovative gaming experience. One of the most famous of all is Rainbowriches which can be played online.

About the online slot game

This game is a 5 reel type online casino game with a slot of 20 pay lines. A leprechaun adds more fun in this game. Do not worry. The creature is there to help!

There are different types of bonus level that make the entire gaming experience more exciting. The point multipliers keep the hopes up and the player increases the accumulated points manifold.

How the game is played?

Rainbowriches has 20 lines for win in total. The ‘STAKE’ can be increased with the help of the ‘+’ and decreased with ‘-’ button for every line. In fact you can also select how many lines you want to play by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. The ‘SPIN’ button starts the game.

The ‘AUTOPLAY’ button helps you to start the spinning automatically. You can also select the number of auto-play spins you want. The ‘STOP AUTOPLAY’ button enables you to stop the auto-playing option during the game.

Types of bonuses in the game

  • Riches scatter

If the symbols that are signified as bonus symbols are matched in three or more numbers then you will be able to play the bonus round of ‘Road to Riches’. The spin button will rotate the fortune wheel. The wheel determines total steps taken and riches will be collected as per the highlighted bonus multiplier signs. The prize will be the accumulation of total stakes and initiating number of symbols.

  • Wishing Well

The bonus symbols when matched in three or more numbers anywhere in the view, you will be entitled to play the Wishing Well round. You have to go with one wishing well in order to show the bonus multiplier. The prize will be accounted in the same manner.

  • Pots of Gold

This round offers scatter symbols that has to be matched in the second, third and fourth reels only. If you can match any bonus symbol (three in number) in the middle reels you will be able to play the ‘Pots of Gold’ round. Pots of bronze, silver and gold will appear rotating around the leprechaun. When the spinning stops, the arrow will show the pot to be selected and the scores will be multiplied likewise.

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